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E-mails - leonid-schavelev@mail.ru, leonid@osi.ispu.ru.

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Welcome !

I work in the System Integration Department of the Ivanovo State Power University. My scientific interests include computers, databases, Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining technologies. A list of my papers on these subjects available here (in Russian, gzipped postscript).

My Delphi libraries

Click on these links to download my Delphi component packages.

APMap Library

for Borland Delphi - a suite of tools for including vector-based drawings (maps, plans, schemes) in your programs and reflecting geographical view of numeric data that may be generated by your programs or loaded from databases.

Object DBF Library

for Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi and Borland CBuilder - a small package for working with DBase III files without BDE, ODBC and other middleware.


analytical platform created in our collective.